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  • Morgan
    Jul 4, 2008
      I actually agree with you that this is the dealer's fault for
      promising this to the customer at a certain price. I don't think this
      is Surly's fault.

      We made a similar mistake with our electric bicycles - we initially
      took orders and payments for them at a certain price. Our own price
      for getting them here went up. However, we could not pass that onto
      the customers who pre-ordered, because that would be unethical, so we
      made very little margin on those bikes. That's the cost of our mistake.

      The lesson we learned from that is that we are happy to make a waiting
      list for items in demand, but unless the product availability and
      pricing is imminently known, we will not take someone's money for it.

      So, I'd suggest the folks who paid a deposit for a BD at a certain
      price, should have a serious chat with their dealer.

      Chapel Hill, NC

      > Posted by: "tda0818" tda0818@... tda0818Thu Jul 3, 2008 4:10
      > pm (PDT)
      > I agree with all of that (both Mark's comments and Morgan's), but I
      > still think the person upthread has a very valid point (sorry I forgot
      > your name, person upthread): it *is* a bit hinky to charge a person
      > more for a bike they've already put a down payment on.
      > I understand it's not Surly's fault that inflation is happening. But
      > it's not the customer's fault that Surly didn't buy enough product to
      > meet demand. The customer's already having to "pay" a premium by
      > having to wait for Surly to get more product to market.
      > All that said, the customer's beef is really with the dealer, not
      > Surly. It's the dealer who said, in effect, "Okay, I'll take some of
      > your money now in exchange for this bike at this price, when we get
      > some more in." Surly, so far as I know, never offered any such down
      > payment program. It's the dealer who engaged in such a deal who
      > should eat the extra $200.
      > If promises were made (implicitly or explicitly), they should be kept.
      > -- urbino
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