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  • Vik
    Jul 4 7:24 AM
      Your paragraph is the key.  Surly didn't take anyone's money on the next batch of BD frames at a certain price and then change the price after making a deal.  The LBS are the ones that did that so it isn't fair to ask Surly to honor a deal they didn't & wouldn't have made.  As long as a customer can get his deposit back and buy something else I don't see any problem with what happened.  Costs go up & prices change. Perhaps the LBS shoudl have made it clear that they couldn't guarantee the price, but they were just acting in good faith making sure people that wanted BDs got them.

      Nobody did anything wrong here IMO,

      safe riding,


      On 3-Jul-08, at 5:10 PM, tda0818 wrote:

      I agree with all of that (both Mark's comments and Morgan's), but I
      still think the person upthread has a very valid point (sorry I forgot
      your name, person upthread): it *is* a bit hinky to charge a person
      more for a bike they've already put a down payment on.

      I understand it's not Surly's fault that inflation is happening. But
      it's not the customer's fault that Surly didn't buy enough product to
      meet demand. The customer's already having to "pay" a premium by
      having to wait for Surly to get more product to market.

      All that said, the customer's beef is really with the dealer, not
      Surly. It's the dealer who said, in effect, "Okay, I'll take some of
      your money now in exchange for this bike at this price, when we get
      some more in." Surly, so far as I know, never offered any such down
      payment program. It's the dealer who engaged in such a deal who
      should eat the extra $200. 

      If promises were made (implicitly or explicitly), they should be kept.

      -- urbino

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