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5250Re: [rootsradicals] Dummy news

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  • Vik
    Jul 4 7:11 AM
      I predict Surly will continue to sell out of every BD made in 2008 despite the price increase. The other thing we haven't talked about is the fact Xtracycle may have to raise their prices as well as raw materials & transport costs go up.  Since the cost of an Instigator frame is going up the gap may well close a bit between the Instigator + Xtra and the BD.  

      Regardless I'm sure the interest in the BD has helped Xtracycle sell a lot of FreeRadical kits.  One of my friends bought an Xtracycle kit when she saw my BD...she wouldn't have spent the $$$ on a BD, but the whole cargo bike concept made a lot of sense to her when she saw me building my BD.  She was also able to reuse an old MTB that she wasn't riding any longer as a donor for her Xtracycle.

      safe riding,


      On 3-Jul-08, at 10:01 AM, Victor Khong wrote:

      Given the price discrepancy between a Surly Instigator with Free Radical and a built-up Big Dummy, its easy to see how the market will choose.

      In fact, I think Xtracycle will make another huge batch of Free Radicals as I can't see demand tapering off.  The new pricing of the Big Dummy will reduce the number of people who can afford it while it makes more and more sense to re-purpose a dormant bike by fitting it with a Free Radical.   E.assist kits are abundant and relatively affordable extending the usefulness of the Xtracycle-bike in hills and headwinds or when under loads.

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