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  • Drew
    Jul 3, 2008

      I like their products, I just think double dinging people now, so you don't have to do it later, then talking about it is lame. If you are going to raise your prices once, then call that the price and don't say we are raising twice now so we don't have to raise again later.
      I would feel ripped off. That and changing the price on people when they've already put money down for one.
      I've been  seriously thinking of a BD  and  think it's a  cool thing, but that stuff gives me pause.
      Maybe I'll just get a new frame for the X I have.

      --- On Thu, 7/3/08, Jay <jazzman562000@...> wrote:
      From: Jay <jazzman562000@...>
      Subject: [rootsradicals] Re: Dummy news
      To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, July 3, 2008, 10:18 AM

      I have to agree with Devian here. I've been an avid xtracycle rider
      for years and daily commuter with it. I waited around to hear the
      first reviews and builds on the BD before committing to an "upgrade"
      to the fully integrated long-tail concept. Having considered the long
      term enjoyment I've gotten from my current set up with the minimal
      maintenance and hassle, I've come around to the idea of purchasing and
      building up a BD. I went to the LBS and placed a watch on when they
      would become available.

      Now I hear about the price hike and have to admit that it has dampened
      my desire a bit. I may instead just opt for some long overdue
      upgrades to the current set up and maybe buy new bags from xtracycle.

      Eureka, CA

      --- In rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com, Steve Lange <steve@...> wrote:
      > Devian Gilbert wrote:
      > > from the Surly Blog. <http://www.surlybik es.com/surlyblog .html>
      > I see this as clearly helping the market for Xtracycles.. . for many
      > people, the X is surely "good enough"!
      > I know mine is making me very satisfied so far, it'll really have to be
      > loaded up a lot before I'm going to have reason to complain, based on
      > how it's performed to date.
      > Maybe I'm easily impressed... hard to say. But definitely a satisfied
      > customer!
      > Steve

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