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52Seattle Xtracycle Ride

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  • Kipchoge Spencer
    Jul 12, 2005
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      Sent: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 04:11:44 +0000
      Subject: Xtracycle Ride

      You are invited!

      To an Xtracycle Fun Ride.

      On Saturday July 23rd at 6:30 PM (Arrive before as we leave at 6:30 PM sharp!)

      At Aaron's Bicycle Repair 6521 California Avenue SW in West Seattle.

      If you don't know what an Xtracycle is then go here: www.xtracycle.com
      If you know anyone that rides one, please forward this email to them
      or tell them.

      We will be riding from the shop to Alki Beach, around Duwamish Head
      and back (about 11 miles). We might stop by a restaurant depending on
      the feeling of the group (location to be decided by the group).
      Perhpas Elliot Bay Brewery, Luna Park Cafe or Pegasus Pizza? Or if the
      mood strikes and since we will have cargo bikes we could have a
      pic-nic/potlach on the beach. If anyone thinks that is a good i! dea,
      let me know and if I get enough votes we will make it the official

      This ride is not just for Xtracyclers, All bikers, cyclists, riders
      and passengers are invited!
      Please spread the word. How amazing would it be if we got 100 people?

      This ride is all about the usefullness of the bicycle. Cargo hauling
      is THE key feature of the Xtracycle and since it is still a bicycle it
      is very fun to ride!

      Aaron Goss Owner & Master Mechanic

      Aaron's Bicycle Repair
      6521 California Avenue SW
      Seattle, WA 98136

      (206) 938-9795 Fax(206) 923-1597


      Earth 1st, People 2nd, Profit 3rd!
      (Saving the Earth = Saving Humanity! A profit driven society
      (capitalism) cannot survive indefinitely on the planet earth.
      Continued 'economic growth' will only deplete our planet's finite
      resources. We ! all must use fewer resources and energy and the
      bicycle is one great w ay!)

      Kipchoge Spencer

      29085 Highway 49
      North San Juan CA 95960