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  • Morgan
    Jul 2, 2008
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      Now that I'm in "the business" (selling cargo bike related things,
      including, I hope, the Big Dummy when they are back in stock) - I have
      a few comments on the whole pricing thing, mostly just relevant to the
      US market (with apologies to non-US readers).

      Prices are going up across the board, for everything. And it isn't
      going to stop anytime soon. We are in an unprecedented period of
      currency revaluation, which means the dollar is going down as other
      currencies rise. On top of that, we have the huge new energy and
      resource costs, now that everyone has suddenly woken up from the orgy
      of the past 20 years and realized that there are limited supplies of
      oil, copper, steel, lithium, etc. Even the Chinese are being hit hard
      by this, and in an unprecedented move, they re-priced gasoline
      recently (which is subsidized by the gov't there).

      In the past month, we've had not one, but two, wholesale price
      increases from a single well known bike company. Also, every time we
      order something from overseas (batteries, electric bikes, etc), the
      price has gone up. Our wholesale price on the latest/greatest
      batteries (lithium iron phosphate, enviro friendly and long lasting)
      went up a whopping 35% in a period of 6 months. Aren't prices on new
      technologies supposed to always drop? Not anymore. The game has

      We are in an inflationary recession. Unfortunately, the popular press
      is asleep at the wheel on this one, mostly just quoting the government
      price inflation, which is bogus (just Google on CPI and "lies").
      Based on food, oil, and everything else, it would not surprise me if
      the real inflation rate this year is at least 10-15%. And, it would
      not surprise me at all if it gets worse before it gets better. This
      is the main reason gold has gone through the roof. Not because gold
      is worth more now, but because the dollar is worth less now, and so it
      takes more of the worth less dollars to purchase the same gold (if
      that makes any sense).

      Instead of seeing it as "the price of X is going up", I see it as "the
      value of my dollars is going down," because that's really what is
      Somehow, that makes me feel a bit better about paying twice as much
      for a loaf of bread this year than last. The bread doesn't cost more,
      it's just that my dollars are more like 50 cent pieces now. Too bad
      my salary didn't go up to give me twice as many of them...

      Hey, the dollars are just paper, anyway, and have been since the Nixon
      era (when de-linked from precious metals).

      So, I hope to get my own Big Dummy soon, while I can actually still
      afford one in USD...


      > Posted by: "Spidra Webster" spidra@... tattercoatWed Jul
      > 2, 2008 6:53 pm (PDT)
      > That's too bad. I'd really hoped that as more people embraced it and
      > as the market increased, the price would go down a bit.
      > On Jul 2, 2008, at 4:34 PM, Vik wrote:
      > > Thanks for the heads up. I knew the price was going up...now at
      > > least we know how much a Big Dummy is going to cost.
      > >
      > > safe riding,
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