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5182Re: [rootsradicals] Dummy news

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  • Robin Skyler Tell
    Jul 2, 2008
      I guess they can price it however they like, so the anticipatory price
      hike doesn't strike me as shady particularly. But I definitely had the
      same thought about the guys on the waiting list. Matter of fact I'm not
      at all sure it can stand up legally--I would sure as hell kick up a fuss
      if it were me. Once you have a number on paper and agreed, you can pretty
      much hold them to it, I think.

      Sad news about the prices (though inevitable) but it's going to hit a lot
      of other industries harder--bike companies are accelerating into larger
      economies of scale, not wilting.


      On Wed, 2 Jul 2008, Drew wrote:

      > I get the idea that costs are rising and don't fault Surly for raising prices accordingly, but if you have already purchased a bike and are waiting for delivery, shouldn't the price stick?
      > Also they say they are factoring in a future additional price increase now so they don't come back later and do it again. Now if you tell me I need to pay 75 bucks more now cause of costs, that's one thing. But to charge me 155 more now because you are going to raise it another 80 bucks in the future, seems odd. What do I care if you need to raise prices later. I will already have paid for mine. Just sounds shady to me.
      > Am I wrong on this?
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