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512Re: [rootsradicals] Re: New Xtracycle experience

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  • John Speare
    Aug 14, 2006
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      On 8/1/06, todd fahrner <fahrner@...> wrote:

      > > What do you think, what would be your ideal if making a new X?
      > I'm working on a more complete description in the form of a blog post
      > on this subject, but for now I'd recommend (not a complete list):
      > - Surly Instigator frame with Surly 1x1 rigid fork, 170mm cranks,
      > Titec Hellbent layback seatpost, Schwalbe Big Apple tires, 2.35"
      > - Surly Karate Monkey frame/fork with 26" disk wheels, 170mm cranks,
      > Schwalbe Big Apple tires, 2.35"

      I like Todd's suggestions. I like Surlys and I like steel. I've got my
      xtracycle hooked up to a Bridgestone MB-2 and it works ok, though I've
      been thinking lately I could do with out some of the flex.
      Pictures/info here: http://www.johndogfood.com/x

      I'm actually thinking of buying my first aluminum bike. I've been
      looking at the Novara Buzz (not the "Big Buzz.") as an xtracycle bike.

      It's got sensible gearing (lots of low -- with a pant protector
      instead of a large front chainring), disc brakes, rigid forks,
      sensible bars/riding position and good-enough components.

      Out of the box, I think that would be a hard bike to beat for the
      Xtracycle... i think it retails for about $600... they are not showing
      up on the REI site anymore, which typically means all bikes are in
      store and there are none left at the warehouse... good seller.

      John "no relation to REI, just seems like a good fit" Speare

      John Speare
      Spokane, WA USA
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