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48Bikes Against Bush - an Internet-enabled protest

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  • Joshua Kinberg
    Aug 12, 2004
      I wanted to tell you about Bikes Against Bush, an exciting project I am
      producing for the upcoming Republican National Convention. Bikes
      Against Bush is a one-of-a-kind, interactive protest/performance that
      occurs simultaneously online and on the streets of NYC during the
      upcoming Republican National Convention. Using a Wireless
      Internet-enabled bicycle outfitted with a custom-designed printing
      device, the Bikes Against Bush bicycle can print spray-chalk text
      messages sent from web users directly onto the streets of Manhattan.

      Please visit http://www.bikesagainstbush.com for more info and to watch
      a video of the Bikes Against Bush bicycle in action.

      During the convention, online users will be able to follow the
      performance on the website as well as send a message to the bicycle in
      real-time. So, even if you can't be in New York to oppose the GOP, you
      can interject your anti-Bush sentiments directly onto the city streets
      through Bikes Against Bush. Exact performance times will be announced
      on the website in the coming weeks.

      If you wish to support this exciting project, please consider
      contributing a donation through the website at:

      Thank you so much for all your efforts. With your help we can send a
      message to America and send George Bush back to Crawford, TX, this

      Joshua Kinberg

      PS: Please feel free to forward this message on.