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475Re: [rootsradicals] FS: Fossil Fool Down Low Glow Lighting Kit (Blue/Dual Tube)

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  • Ryano
    Jul 23, 2006
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      I just put a hub lighting system on my Xtracycle bike also - and must offload four Hokey Spokes and a slightly dodgy Niterider (Japan only).  Funky lights like these and the "Down Low Glow" are nice, but it is really sweet to get rid of the hassle of batteries altogether isn't it?

      BTW - anyone considering the Down Low Glow, it might be worth remembering that funky and all as it certainly is - I understand that it is not waterproof. 

      Oh, and speaking of waterproof - just in case Kipchoge is reading this - I always wondered why the Xtracycle doesn't come with some kind of waterproof cover for the load area.  (Aren't you from Oregon where it rains all year round !?! )  All-year commuter coming through rainy season in Tokyo now, so I bought a very cheap piece of waterproof cloth, glued some velcro onto it, placed four strategic holes so that it could slip in under the snapdeck and now I have a waterproof cover for my load - rolled up out of the way most days.   Couldn't be too hard or expensive to ship something like this as standard, surely.  If the aim of the game is utility, then a waterproof cover should rate pretty high on anyone's list.  Obviously, anyone with half a mind could whip up a cover themselves of course, but it did take some thinking about best way to pin down over the load etc.  I'm sure someone could come up with a solution more elegant than mine.

      On 24/07/06, Andrew Janjigian <ajanjigian@...> wrote:

      I bought this a few years ago, but did not use it more than a couple
      of times, because I bought a generator hub lighting system for my
      Xtracycle instead. It is in excellent condition, with all parts.

      It is a very cool looking lighting system, and very well designed.
      Perfect for the Xtracycle.

      See all the specs and more at http://www.fossilfool.com/

      $100 shipped to the CONUS.


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