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471Re: Ti X

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  • Ian Hopper
    Jul 21 3:12 AM
      My last mountain bike was a 1997 Marin Team Titanium. I loved the
      bike, but the seat stays flexed alarmingly when you really clamped
      down on the rear brake: it was rather disconcerting. If my marin (and
      several other Ti bikes I've ridden, including my wife's Merlin) was
      any indication, Ti is stong, but rather flexy. Whether it will hold
      up to having an X thrown into the mix is anybody's guess. Look around
      the xtracycle and cleverchimp sites and you'll see that most people
      ride steel or aluminum. Ti is expensive which it usually the reason
      you don't see too many Ti/X bikes. Wanna be a beta? :)
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