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    Jun 7, 2004
      Xcycle people,

      I keep getting these emails talking about the positive
      stuff on the xtracycle so I thought I might send one
      Having been doing some travelling and seeing them in
      Hawaii and my home in Tahoe, I always get a kick out
      of seeing xcycles in use; because I remember Ross
      starting out at Stanford and riding one of the first
      prototypes, wondering what is ever going to become of
      it, but still knowing it was a great idea.
      Myself I have found limited trail options for the X
      here in Tahoe (dual suspension Xcycle in the works?),
      but great for commuting and hauling loads and such,
      which I'm guessing it was built for.
      Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm enjoying all
      the Xcycle emails and if anyone gets to Tahoe and
      wants to either go for a ride or get some trail, or
      road info, send an email....

      Chris Carlson

      BA Human Biology -Stanford University

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