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4548Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Continental Town & Country VS Schwalbe Marathon XR?

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  • Bryan Beretta
    Jun 2, 2008
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      That's good to hear, thanks! I think I've decided on trying out the T&C's. My LBS has them in stock, the price is nice, and I'll get a discount on top of it for membership in the local bike coalition.

      Marathon XR's are definitely still on my radar though, especially after stoutag's glowing review. I figure I'll run the T&C's for a while and when it comes time to replace them I'll switch to the Marathons to compare.

      I do like the Big Apples as well. For some reason I had edged towards the Marathons though and I've read so much the last few days I've forgotten as to why haha.

      After riding around today I couldn't find anyone stocking Vulpines. But since I'm in SoCal and Devian seems to think they wouldn't be best here anyway I think I'll wait for his field report on those. =)

      Thanks a lot for the responses guys, you rock!


      On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 6:45 PM, brian <laplander@...> wrote:
      I put a set of 2.1 town and country tires on about 900 miles ago.  I
      also read the reviews and was leary of buying them.  I ended up
      getting a set because of the price.  I have yet to have a flat and
      I've ridden them on gravel and dirt fire roads with a load, on
      pavement in the rain, on debris strewn bike lanes,  over mown down
      thistles and weeds.  My only complaint is that they seem a little
      sluggish, although that could just be me.  I'm actually thinking of
      getting a set of schwlabe marathons for my wifes commuter/touring rig,
      I may slap them on the xtra just to do a comparison.

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