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4531Re: [rootsradicals] Continental Town & Country VS Schwalbe Marathon XR?

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  • Devian Gilbert
    Jun 2, 2008
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      ya that seems to be about the situation...

      the T&C's are good.  in my opinion, i cant imagine what would be better, other than a 2.4 in a folding bead for $40.  that would be great

      I dont think the Vulpines would be that great in SoCal, altho this week's LA Trip will probably be on the Hunter with those tyres

      I've had 1 flat with the T&C's
      slime???  well... i put 2 Slime tubes on the Cargo bike, and at first liked them... i like how they balance out after a moment... that is kind of cool.

      i ran over something in Salinas at the AmTrak station, the tyre sealed up...
      in LA, the clot came loose, and Slime went everywhere... i had to patch it at 9pm Downtown LA, Korea Town

      these days, as I'm not in the Urban Jungle, I'm happiest with regular tubes.  if it flats, i just patch it, or replace the tube, and patch things later.

      as to Vulpines, they have my eye in regards to some Adventure Touring
      they seem to be a good tyre to handle a light load, fast on the pave, and able to be in the dirt.  In 2 months that I've had them on the Hunter, the rear shows just a little wear

      how they'd be after 1000miles with light panniers, and some dirt use, i think that will be the first decent marker to gauge them on.

      I'm gonna try them on the BD.

      this last trip, i used T&C's, but once i got onto the fireroad, i swapped out to some DH knobs, and actually rode home on them too...
      strangely, the BD with a load, aint too much different with knobs or T&C's.  i think its the "order of significance", that being... the bike is heavy enough to not change character much, bcz of the difference in tyres.  so that kind of makes me think a bit.  something like...

      I'd rather use 3 Vulpines than 4 tyres in total.
      i.e. slicks for the road, and knobs for the dirt

      plus with the 4 tyre system, they don't actually act as replacements for either...
      that is... if for some strange reason you rip open a tyre, and you simply use 1 of your back ups, but its either a knob or a slick

      with 3 Vulpines, all you carry is 1 extra tyre, and that too can actually go thru the wear rotation, especially being that they are bi-directional, and fold.

      tyres for me become like shoes to Imelda Marcos 

      thats enough for me about tyres...


      "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race." H.G. Wells

      On Jun 2, 2008, at 11:51 AM, Bryan Beretta wrote:

      Hmm those Vulpines sound interesting, I'll have to see if anyone local has them. 

      I just read a few more reviews the T&C's where people complained about their horrible puncture resistance. I don't ride in real debris laden areas but I most definitely do not want to deal with flats, especially on the rear. I know people are also more prone to write a review when their unhappy as opposed to happy though so who we shall see. I'm using you as my real world case study seeing as how you really put your gear through its paces. =)

      Thanks for the info!


      On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 11:05 AM, Devian Gilbert <asanacycles@ mac.com> wrote:
      the set of T&C's i got where from Performance when i lived in Ventura, so its been less than a year
      and they've seen a lot of use.
      this last trip, i used them on fireroad in the late evening, with a bit of a cargo load.

      this set of tyres has actually been to LA a few times, PCH Malibu, use in Ventura, and here in Monterey, to Big Sur a couple of times, and now actually in the Ventana Wilderness, just a bit.

      i think for $30-ish, they ROCK!
      this set is getting a bit beat up, but dont really show any real reasons why they would fail... still lots of life
      i wish they'd make them in a 2.4"

      the other set you might like to try are a set of WTB Vulpine 2.1's

      really... i just got a set, yet to mount up, for the Big Dummy

      currently i am using a 29er set, and I'm amazed how fast they are on the road, as well, as how much traction they actually give in the dirt.
      plus the rubber is something different... it seems pretty hard, and i think the tyre is fairly light, which blows my mind...

      Vulpines go for about $38 each.  Plus they are foldable!  

      it seems like to get a decent foldable semi-slick/commuter /mtb tyre... you pretty much are shelling out $60/tyre
      thats kind of wacky...

      so Vulpines at $38 might be something... i have yet to try them out in 26" and on the Dummy... but it will be soon.


      "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race." H.G. Wells

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