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4505Re: [rootsradicals] Weight Capacity of Bike + FreeRad

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  • Mark Garvey
    Jun 1, 2008
      On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 10:31 PM, Michael <bsinbox99@...> wrote:

      I weigh 260 pounds and cycle daily.  I just installed the FreeRadical
      last night and recalled the 350 pound total (passenger plus cargo)
      limit with the FreeRad installed.

      I weigh 17.8 stone at the moment.  (1 stone =14 lbs...you figure it out!)  anyway, the limit of my freerad is mostly what will fit.  Today I taxed it!  Made a grocery run, argued with SWMBO on the phone about different items and then carried them home.  For only the SECOND time, I strapped something to the snapdeck.

      Don't know the weight, but the bill was $111.  OK, not like it USED to be but still!... I took a photo and it is posted in the section called Lazybee's X.

      By the way, I did a gig this morning about 6 miles from home.  used the bike to haul my balloon pump, and supplies for the gig.  used the motor to hoist my fat ass over the hills both ways.  then made the grocery run after about 30-40 min of at home time and the bike on the charger.

      I popped the charger into the pocket of the Free Rad and when I arrived at the store, I plugged into the outlet THERE as I was shopping. heh!  Very cool!

      By the way, I was working at a Car show tooday.  So there I was, standing with my X and my balloon pump in the shade! ('twas 80 degrees today!)  among a fine collection of old chevy iron.  Making Balloon swords, and monkeys in a tree and snakes and flowers and such.  I answered several questions about the X and could not talk to many of the people who stopped to look it over.  I mean really!  I was swamped!  When I start to twist balloons, kids come out of the woodwork! (hey, if you pay me, I will come!)  I worked a SOLID 3 hours making balloons, then finally escaped about 2:30 after doing a few last ones for some last minute kids!

      Comments were invariably positive and very friendly!  Car nuts are a rather interesting group.  THEY understand an obsession like this and the work and thought that goes into it!  It isn't the entheusiasts that are a problem, but I had a blast, and it is fun to listen to 60's rock and roll and ask the group of kids, "Who is THIS singing!"  Parents are all waving arms and going  "oooo ooooooo!"  Kids are... "whaaaaa?"

      HAH!  fun!

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