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4500Re: [rootsradicals] Weight Capacity of Bike + FreeRad

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  • Silivrenion
    Jun 1, 2008
      If your bike has the wheels for it, you can go above a little. My max weight has been 500lbs total, including me, the passenger and cargo, and the weight of the bike. Trying to go uphill, I snapped my chain.

      On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 2:47 AM, Cathode Ray <ray@...> wrote:

      At 3:31 AM +0000 1/6/08, Michael wrote:
      >What has been the cargo-carrying experience of other
      >similarly-weighted X owners?

      I take anybody who is game enough to get on the back. So mostly kids
      and drunks. People over 100 Kg regularly. I weight 70 Kg bare. The
      velcro freeloader pockets has lots of tools and bits'n'pieces, so
      there is some additional weight all the time. I don't worry about the
      weight limit. Anything that I have managed to get into the
      freeloaders or onto the deck has been successfully transported. This
      includes salvage from demolition ! Check out some of the pictures on
      the xtracycle website, amazing loads! As long as you strap everything
      down, it all rolls.

      Adult passengers must sit as forward as possible, so that they are in
      front of the axle.

      The townie makes a huge difference. The geometry of the Townie frame
      enables the passenger to put their feet more forward on the footpegs.
      I previously had the xtracycle on a 700C hybrid. The shorter distance
      between the rider's pedals and the xtracycle passenger footpegs
      caused our feet to sometimes collide.

      Get some good tires. I like Schwalbe Marathon 2". I tried Big Apple
      2.35". You can't run them at highest pressure on normal rims, so I'd
      like to try Big Apple 2", but I'll wait until I need a new tire. On
      the front I run a skinnier tire.


      Steve Morley
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