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4497Re: [rootsradicals] Beam me "Down" Scotty Or "Here comes the Sun" ...I say it's alright!

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  • Mark Garvey
    Jun 1, 2008
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      On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 9:56 AM, kwikfile08 <kwikfile08@...> wrote:
      How to harvest solar power? Beam it down from space!

      "...And so has a 2007 report released by the Pentagon's National Security Space Office, encouraging the U.S. government to spearhead the development of space power systems.

      What a beautiful world this will be
      What a glorious time to be free

      Yes!  I totally agree!  I know that some folks on the conservative side see "environmentalists"  (odd....I am a CONSERVATIVE environmentalist, it that so strange??) as the enemy of the economy.  But that is not true...Taking theis small bit of information, I want to ask, "What is really "bad" about solar collectors?"  the answer, nothing!  once installed, they require very little in the way of maintainence and they cost nothing to operate.  which MAY be the problem..it isn't that they "don't work and are too expensive" but they can not be taxed or fueled or generate income to investors down the line!

      But it is interesting to see.  they are slowly falling in price.  since Solar cells are so convenient in use they are becoming more and more popular.  and you know what happens when that becomes the norm!  Calculators are the perfect example...Computers too.  Originally very expensive, after all, the FIRST calculator I ever saw was well over $200 and had the basic 4 functions and no memory!  Now you can get them on keychains at the dollar store!  You can buy a better computer NOW for $500 than you could FIND ANYWHERE 20 years ago!

      I just purchased some cute little solar powered lawn lights for my wife for Mothers Day that charge a battery all day and glow all night in changing colors...how moooch??  $5 each.

      We are getting there!  It won't be all that long before we can find simple units for a low cost that will power our basic needs.  it is happening!

      I am still planning to solar charge my X.  At the moment my panels are TU with a broken circut somewhere.

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