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  • Joshua Kinberg
    Jun 5 7:34 AM
      It was recently suggested on Slashdot.org that the bicycle is the
      ultimate geek transportation vehicle:
      http://books.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/05/12/1718231 (read the

      With that in mind, I would like to suggest that the Xtracycle is the
      perfect bicycle HDK (Hardware Development Kit). Just think what this
      guy could've done with an Xtracycle:

      And as a geek myself, I've been using the Xtracycle to develop my own
      bicycle invention, the bicycle ChalkWriter:

      This chalk-printing bicycle is part of a project called "Bikes Against
      Bush." Here is the abstract:

      > “Bikes Against Bush” transforms ordinary bicycles into
      > Internet-enabled, tactical media
      > ‘weapons’ for non-violent, creative resistance to the 2004 Republican
      > National Convention in
      > NYC. “Bikes Against Bush” uses wireless bicycles that incorporate a
      > mechanical printing device
      > consisting of a series of spray-chalk aerosol cans. This mechanical
      > ChalkWriter can print text
      > messages from web users to the street surfaces on which the bike
      > cruises. Online users can
      > send messages to the bicycle in real-time through the project website,
      > bikesagainstbush.com,
      > and the cyclist can decide when and where to print them. When the
      > cyclist prints a message,
      > bikesagainstbush.com automatically updates a live map marking the
      > location of the message. A
      > webcam on the bike also documents this with a snapshot at the moment
      > of printing. The spraychalk
      > text message remains on the street for 4 to 5 days till the chalk
      > biodegrades. Thus, the goal
      > of “Bikes Against Bush” is to serve as an inspirational and working
      > model for alternative, creative
      > political resistance.

      Thank you, Xtracycle, for creating such a great product!


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