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43Re~Cycle's Xmas Card / 2003 Overview

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  • merlin matthews ~ Re~Cycle
    Dec 19, 2003
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      Re~Cycle's Xmas Card / 2003 Overview
      Dear Friends of Re~Cycle

      (Sorry if you get this twice ~ will sort the database out early next year...)

      Attached is a file with an overview of Re~Cycle's achievements in 2003, and plans for 2004.
      You can print out page 1, fold it in half, and 'Hey Presto' a Christmas Card!

      The photo in the card shows Re~Cycle supporters on Saturday 6th December, loading a 40ft container for the Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre  in Ghana.  www.patriensa.com

      Funded by donations, Re~Cycle was able to send bikes, spare parts, and tools plus some soft toys and games, kindly donated by Mersea Island School Bazaar.  With these gifts Re~Cycle sends Christmas greetings to the people in Patriensa, Ghana. 

      The bikes will be refurbished in African workshops and then some will be sold at affordable prices to local people providing much needed transport to earn a living and carry out simple tasks like collecting water.  Others will be distributed to health workers, students and teachers.

      Your ongoing support for Re~Cycle is much appreciated - both with your donations and with assistance on loading days - without these Re~Cycle could not continue.

      With your help Re~Cycle can increase the number of containers shipped in 2004 - there are still thousands of bikes waiting to go to a new home, but Re~Cycle needs help to fund the extra costs so please, if you can,  help Re~Cycle send unwanted bikes where they do more good and assist the people of Africa help themselves.

      Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year


      merlin, Sue and Paul at Re~Cycle