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410Re: [rootsradicals] great stand for an xtracycle

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  • Derek Pearson
    Jul 6, 2006
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      looks good. The beef I have with the rock sturdy is that it can't be used with the wide loaders, which makes it kinda moot in my eyes. It appears that this stand is ready to be used along with wide loaders. Is it so??

      John Speare <johnspeare@...> wrote:
      i recently purchased a stand from a guy in Seattle that makes xtracycle stands.

      it has been a great great thing. it's got the ease of use that the
      stock kick stand has (no fussing) with the stability that the fancy
      xtracycle stand has. best of both worlds.

      more info here: http://www.johndogf ood.com/x/ #stand

      we'll be doing another camping trip this week with the xtracycle. my 3
      y.o and I have made one overnighter. This time, my wife will be riding
      her bike and joining us. should be fun.

      the longer i use the xtracycle the more I love it. I have many bikes,
      but I find my butt on this one much more frequently (time wise, if not
      actual miles) than any other bike. It's great for loading up with
      camping chairs and a snack and some towels and hitting the spray pad
      this time of year. not to mention that we've not used our car for
      grocery shopping for about 3 months now...

      i also think that i've identified about the perfect "off the shelf
      bike" for xtracycle usage: the novara buzz. not the big buzz -- but
      the buzz. It's got 26" wheels, disc brakes, riser bars, appropriate
      gearing (38/28 up front with 11/34 in the back --perfect!!) . Hardy
      components. And it's not insanely expensive at $650 -- just mostly


      John Speare
      Spokane, WA USA
      http://www.johndogf ood.com/john/ bikes.html

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