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395Re: Anybody using a Peapod?

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  • Phil Good-Elliott
    Jul 4, 2006
      Thanks, Juergen and John. We'll consider the ideas you both suggested.

      John - with my 45 pound, 6.5 y/o son riding on the back, the ride we get is very smooth
      and requires no extraordinary handling skills. I much prefer this kind of ride to the one we
      had with the "trail-a-bike." The trail-a-bike allows for significant side-to-side motion that
      was very disconcerting to me as the person guiding the main bicycle. Having the stoker
      bar really helps him feel safe and encourages stable passenger behavior.

      If we bought the wee ride, it would be for use with our 2 y/o daughter, who currently
      depends upon our trailer if we're on bike.

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