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392Re: Anybody using a Peapod?

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  • Phil Good-Elliott
    Jul 4, 2006
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "John Speare" <johnspeare@...> wrote:
      > My opinion is that kids more than 30-35 lbs are too heavy for riding
      > in an elevated kid seat behind you. As you have noted, the bike is
      > harder to control and even slight movements from the child at
      > inopportune moments can cause instability.
      > My 3yo is ok with the snap deck for very short rides; she'd probably
      > be better for longer rides, but I'm not crazy about her being back
      > there, since we removed the stoker bars and she has to hold on to me.
      > I prefer putting the child on a companion carrier. There are pictures
      > here: http://www.johndogfood.com/x
      > And my thoughts on why carrying older children between the rider and
      > the handlebars here: http://www.johndogfood.com/john/lizafuji.html
      > John
      > --
      > John Speare
      > Spokane, WA USA
      > http://www.johndogfood.com/john/bikes.html

      Neat set-up, John. Please tell us about about the rig for the child. Is this something you
      put together or found on the market?

      This reminds me of the "Wee Ride" or "Wee Rider" child seat for bikes. We just saw one last
      week and were fascinated with the idea. I can't seem to find any in stock and wonder if
      they went out of business or were considered somehow too dangerous.

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