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383Anybody using a Peapod?

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  • enaidiam
    Jul 3, 2006
      I just got my Xtracycle and I love it -- go grocery shopping, do errands, pop a kid on and

      My problem seems to be the Peapod when my son is in it. He weighs 40 lbs. When I put the
      Peapod on pre-Xtracycle, the bike's handling and steering got *very* twitchy -- the idea of
      having a slight curve, let alone making a turn, was very scary. I thought the situation would
      improve when I put the Xtracycle on, but it hasn't.

      So my questions are:

      * Does this happen to anyone else? and
      * Do I really need the Peapod for my 4-year-old? Or should I just get a handlebar for back
      there and let him sit on the SnapDeck.

      Any advice appreciated,

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