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38Milwaukie in Oregon?

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  • mrgooddave@netscape.net
    Feb 10, 2002
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      Feb. 7
      Dear Friends,

      Mela and I are settled! After a few weeks at John Hart’s ranchero in Hood River, we moved into a small house in Milwaukie. Actually, that is right next to Portland and not in Wisconsin. It is not the groovy flat in the hip neighborhood we first looked for, but it is clean, cheap and has storage for all of our toys. Currently we have it furnished with a double therm-a-rest, the camp couch, desk and computer. Our tall friends be forewarned of low headroom in the kitchen and shower. I have seen larger kitchens in RV’s. I will make a trip to get the rest of our stuff moved up soon. We are renting now but hope to buy soon.

      Hood River was great for me. I got to run some new rivers and ski some deep days, made new friends and re-connected with old. I have seen Mt. Hood three times in as many weeks and it was not the times I went there when we might as well be in a cloud. A cloud in the jet stream. Mela got out to play a few days too but mostly she drove to and from Reed. Now she can come home for dinner and head back to her spot in the reference room to study each night and into the wee early morning. She is feeling confident and getting her work done. She got an interview with Gary Snyder for her Ethno-poetics class!

      We can be found at 9803 38th Ave., Milwaukie, OR 97222 and verbally abused at 503-353-3058. Do be in touch especially if you are coming this way or have a connection in the area we should engage. I am looking for work and it always helps to know someone. Two of the better jobs I have tried to get have had several hundred applicants. Oregon is suffering the highest unemployment rate in the nation and my qualifications have to be stretched to fit the job descriptions that I want most. My first choice is an industrial design job for an outdoor company. Second is an environmental restoration or preservation management job. It is hard to convince a stranger that you can handle a job that you have never before held. Realistically, a sales rep position with an outdoor company or something in home restoration or cabinet making will be easier to land .

      Sincerely, Dave

      Ps- Feb.10
      I have a job now!

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