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  • Philip Chase
    Apr 12, 2008
      One reliable source for 1/4" detent buttons is Xtracycle. I think
      they charged $2.50 each for them.

      I also made my own buttons with music wire bent around a pair of
      screws sunk into a piece of wood an then decapitated with some bolt
      cutters. You have to get the screw spacing just right for you wire
      diameter, but with some practice you can make some passable wire
      retainers that function in place of the detent buttons. They're not
      great, but passable.

      Though making your own foot pegs, running boards, or wide loaders
      might be easy, I found making my own long loader tricky--it begs for
      some good welding equipment. So I ordered one from Xtracycle. I took
      the opportunity to buy some real detent buttons and avoid any extra
      shipping charges. They are much nicer then my bent wire hack.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Randy Diefenthal <randydief@...>
      > I've seen the buttons at my local hardware store in the section with
      > the trays of screws, switches, fasteners etc. I'm not sure what size
      > they were, but they were less than $1 each. If you can't find them at
      > your local hardware store, they may have them at Lowe's or Home
      Depot in
      > the same section.
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