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3634Re: wideloaders - a question on dimensions...?

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  • kwikfile08
    Apr 6, 2008
      Just what are the dimensions of the Freeloaders tubes and the wideloaders anyway?

      I do not have calipers do get an accurate measurement of the OD's.

      As an aside:

      How about a straight rod piece with the Velcro strap/concave plastic stuff at two ends.
      This would reach across the freeloaders front to back on the inside to provide support
      for stuff in your bags from bumping into the brake side or derailuer side. They would be
      removable and priced at $15 dollars a pair ?
      Xtracycle are you reading this ? Please make these!



      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Tone" <Tone@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps I have had my FreeRadical and Wide-loaders for a
      > number of years now and my Xtracycle set up is not as up-to-date because
      > me wide-loaders and/or FreeRadical do not have pins or pin-holes for
      > "locking" the wide-loaders in place as many people on this forum seem to
      > describe. In any case, since I have heard some people talk about cutting
      > down their wide-loaders so they are not so wide I thought I would share
      > what I do. I simply keep one set of wide-loaders with an attached
      > long-hauler on almost all the time, but I slide the one wide-loader
      > further into the FreeRadical. The Wide-loader tubing does not reach the
      > other end of the FreeRadical mounts, but it does limit the ability to
      > slide in the other Wide-Loader from the other side. That does not bother
      > me, since I usually just keep my second Wide-loader and Long-Hauler set
      > at home unless I know I am going to haul a major load. For daily
      > activities, having one set slid in further on the kickstand side of my
      > bike does the trick.
      > I would think it might be a real shame to cut off three
      > inches from the ends of a Wide-loader just to make it not stick out as
      > much, when all you would really need to do is slide it in more and not
      > use a wide-loader set up on the other side. When I worked as a messenger
      > I did always carry the second wide-loader & long-hauler set folded up in
      > the Freeloader bag on the other side of my bike. 80% of the time I could
      > manage fine with just using the kickstand side wide-loader slid in
      > deeper. The rest of the time I would just slide in both wide-loaders
      > evenly.
      > _TONE_
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