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3570Re: Tire recommendations?

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  • stoutag
    Mar 30, 2008
      You really can't go wrong with the touring focused Schwalbe's I've used the marathon
      plus, the big apples, marathon supreme's and their winter studded tires as well.

      If you're not planning on riding off road and just want a street tire that can go a LONG
      ways without wearing out and puncturing a lot the marathon supreme's are pretty
      awesome. so far with 5,000 miles on them, the tread barely looks worn, they have
      amazing grip, great ride, and I've gotten two flats. One was from a 2" nail, which no tire
      will stop, and the other flat from the meanest piece of glass I've ever seen, basically
      shaped just like a dagger, about 3/4" long, and somehow my front tire must have kicked it
      up so that it went on end into my rear.

      By comparison every other tire I've ridden, except for the marathon plus' would flat about
      every 300 miles, even the very best of them. If you don't mind running a slightly smaller
      tire such as 1.75" then marathon plus' would certainly protect you from flats.

      Honestly, I'm buying marathon xr's next time, once I wear out the supreme's, since I do
      some mild off road touring from time to time and the XR's are designed for that, and are
      supposedly even more durable than the supreme's.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "kwikfile08" <kwikfile08@...> wrote:
      > I have started commuting 20 miles each way. In city riding pretty much industrial-urban
      > with lots of debris anything from broken glass, screws, rubber pieces like tires, cv
      > you get the picture. Here in Southern California. Basically little or no rain, no dirt.
      Though I
      > will go off-road on occassion for non commuting trips. I was looking at the schwabes?
      > 350? I am concerned about flats and durablity.
      > Thank you,
      > Carl
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