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3560Re: [rootsradicals] Tire recommendations?

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  • Dane Buson
    Mar 28, 2008
      On Mar 25, kwikfile08 tripped the electrons lexically so:

      > I have started commuting 20 miles each way. In city riding pretty much
      > industrial-urban with lots of debris anything from broken glass,
      > screws, rubber pieces like tires, cv boots... you get the picture.
      > Here in Southern California. Basically little or no rain, no dirt.
      > Though I will go off-road on occassion for non commuting trips. I was
      > looking at the schwabes? XR 350? I am concerned about flats and
      > durablity.

      Schwalbe Marathon Plus are the bomb for flat resistance. They are also
      heavy, but they do last roughly forever.

      Dane Buson - Buson@...
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