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34Super Holiday Xtra Fun!

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  • Paul H. Freedman
    Dec 14 1:55 PM
      Dear Roots Radicals:

      I know it's been a little while since we updated you, but there's been a
      lot going on at Xtracycle and XAccess.

      To start with, we have an amazing holiday special on FreeRadicals -- two
      for one. That's two FreeRadicals for $299. This deal only applies in the
      month of December, and only for Xtracycle Friends and Family. So get one
      for your mom and dad, girlfriend, boyfriend. But speak up soon -- there's
      only two weeks left to place your order.

      Second, Xtracycle will be offering a chance for a limited number of
      individual investors to buy Xtracycle shares. This round of investment will
      begin in the new year. Due to legal restrictions, we can only send a
      limited of investment prospecti at one time. Please inquire with Kipchoge
      (1-888-537-1401, kipchoge@...) if you are interested in investing.

      Bay Area Roots: Xtracycle will be out in force at the San Francisco
      Bicycle Coalition Party this Sunday night. Come on down! (SFBC WinterFest,
      this Sunday, 5-11pm at the SOMARTS Gallery, 934 Brannan) The party is free
      for SFBC members. Buy membership at the door for a special $20. Please
      RSVP with me if you are interested in a pre-party gathering.

      XAccess (the Xtracycle Access Foundation) has some important developments
      as well. We have sent our director Adam French for a six-month stint in
      Kenya. He has a desk, a truck, and a bed, thanks to our partner ApproTEC
      (check out www.approtec.org). Together with ApproTEC's engineers, we are
      enhancing and distributing the Extra Bike for the Kenya market. (The Extra
      Bike is the low-cost version of the Free Radical.) Adam is learning
      firsthand about transportation issues in Africa, and has met several folks
      who may serve as ongoing advisors to XAccess in the future.

      The XAccess web site is nearly complete. In the new year, you'll be able
      to visit www.xaccess.org to check out pictures from Kenya and our other
      projects. I'll send a quick update when the site is ready.

      XAccess will also unveil a new membership program; for an annual
      contribution, you'll be a participant in this exciting organization, using
      Xtracycle technology to provide transportation and income opportunities to
      those in the developing world. I hope you'll set aside part of your giving
      budget for a contribution to XAccess in the new year.

      Lastly, Xtracycle would like to welcome Desmond and Ben to the Nevada City
      office! Desmond (a woman) has taken on responsibilities of the office, and
      Ben (man) arrives from Europe, where he has led our European sales operation
      for over a year. He will assist Kipchoge and Vange in US sales efforts.
      Also, check us out in the current issue Men's Journal; they chose the
      FreeRadical for their holiday buying guide.

      Until next time, keep riding, and keep your soul together.


      Paul Freedman
      XAccess Managing Director and Roots Radicals update-sender-outer.

      Paul Freedman
      302 Montcalm
      San Francisco, CA 94110

      (415) 824-1551
      fax: (443) 347-0521