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  • Kipchoge Spencer
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Hey Nic,
      We will happily send as many 11 answers cards to you (or anyone) as you'd like. Just send an email to info@... with your address and how many you want.

      We just printed a new batch on Living Tree tree-free paper that we got in a trade for a FreeRadical!



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          From: "parepidemos" parepidemos@...
          Date: Fri May 19, 2006 7:34am(PDT)
      Subject: Re: Bumper Stickers on an Xtracycle?

      I have considered having my business name embroidered on my Freeloader
      fabric, but too pricey.  Instead I'm getting "It's called a
      FreeRadical..." business cards made. Nice and compact, won't wrinkle
      like flyers do.  Since I'm ordering biz cards for my homegrown
      business, I get a second batch at a discount. (which I'm still

      Also, Xtracycle themselves has these cool bizcard-sized foldout things
      that say "Eleven Answers"-- basically a FAQ sheet for the X, with a
      little blank space in which you could write your own name and either a
      phone # or an email address.  I got a handful of those in my last order
      and they are already gone.  I wonder if we could ask for more?  I
      wouldn't mind paying for them.  I'm going to be paying to get my own
      much lamer ones made, anyway.
      -- Nic in South Central
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