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3215My Big Dummy is on the way

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  • marklarfarns
    Mar 1, 2008
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      After lurking on this Blog spot for the last few months, I finally got
      up the nerve to order my own Xtra. I live in Brooklyn and hope to use
      the Big Dummy for all the same stuff I use my car for, including
      hauling my Drums to gigs. I would like to thank the people in
      rootsradicals for all the info. I have learned a lot about bikes that
      haul and I now feel comfortable selling my car.
      I ride my bike everywhere, everyday and I really look forward to
      using my Xtra. Of course my biggest fear is that it will get stolen,
      but I figure I'll just have to get used to the possibility that that
      could happen. I'll let you know when my Big Dummy arrives. Mark.
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