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2945Re: Comfort for long distance?

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  • akyramoto
    Feb 9, 2008
      HI, My boyfriends townie 21 with the xtra is really light, well for a
      hauling bike. we weighed it at the LBS & it came in @ 40lbs. I dont
      know if that helps you at all, but in my opinion it is a light & very
      capable bicycle. The only thing I personally dont like is that it's
      hard to ride out of the saddle. I will personally get out of it to
      gain some power, but my boyfriend rarely does that, so it works well
      for him.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "marniegalloway"
      <marniegalloway@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone--
      > I am considering buying one of xtracycle's S.U.B. townie/free radical
      > bikes as a car replacement. I have been relying on public
      > transportation since getting rid of my car a few months ago, but I'm
      > spending $20/week on the train and it takes 45 min to go my 3 miles to
      > work. With that cost and time spent, it seems silly NOT to
      > bicycle-commute.
      > I need a bike that covers 3 needs:
      > 1) hearty enough to handle daily 3 miles 2x a day to work
      > 2) solid enough to serve as a car replacements for heavier loads
      > (groceries, cat litter, furniture?, etc)
      > 3) not too heavy that a 10-mile, 2x a day daily commute is brutal
      > (which will be the case in late Summer)
      > So obviously the SUB was built to cover 1 and 2. But what about 3?
      > Does anyone regularly use their bike+radical for commutes that long?
      > Is it particularly heavy--or, if it is, is it worth it? The SUB seems
      > ideal to me, but if it is so cumbersome that I get discouraged from
      > long rides, I'd rather get a lighter bike.
      > Thank you all for your much appreciated expert advice!
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