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  • MH
    Jan 2, 2008
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      Hi Juergen. Something I added to my list is a - chopper for sculptured
      beauty. I've been looking at chopper cruisers for several years and
      just last week I picked up a Christmas Special, a PhatCycles.com
      Modified Stretch for half price at my local bike shop. Its a single
      speed. I suppose that falls into the simplicity category. I went in
      for a XtraCycle and couldn't pass up the deal. I plan on getting my X
      cargo bike sometime when its warmer out. To satisfy my interest I've
      been collecting some online photos for my home slide showing of the X at
      work. I hope to put the X into overtime duty this summer doing some
      trail building. -Mark

      Juergen Weichert wrote:
      > I think bikes are like shoes - many great ones for all kinds of
      > applications and not many that suit all. Imagine having only one pair of
      > shoes? Tennis shoes, running, dress, hiking, golf shoes, soccer cleats,
      > walking shoes, regular winter boots, deep-show boots, ice crampons,
      > snowshoes, sandals, flip-flops...endless.
      > One bike is not enough and a dozen might be pushing the other end of the
      > envelope. I think around 7 is close to the right number - one for each
      > day of the week and choose for the day as you might choose your shoes.
      > In my suggested list:
      > - single speed for simplicity
      > - MTB or hybrid or cruiser for general all-around use.
      > - Xtracycle for cargo
      > - recumbent for comfort
      > - velomobile for speed
      > - folding bike for convenience
      > - tandem for company
      > (- loaner bike for visitors?)
      > Your choices will vary. Any further suggestions?
      > Juergen
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