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  • tda0818
    Jan 1, 2008
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      I'd be interested.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Juergen Weichert <juergen@...>
      > I have been using (and selling) e-assist systems for several years now.
      > There is no question about it - e-assist gets more folks out on bikes
      > and certainly extends the utility of any bike but especially cargo
      > I feel that electric assist should supplement, not replace human power
      > as the primary motive force on the bike. As others have noted there is
      > no "need" for electric on a bike given sufficient health and bicycle
      > gearing, and time. You can get up any grade with just about any load,
      > albeit at a crawl in some cases. Electric levels the playing field
      > allowing those with heavy loads (personal or cargo!) to make it up
      > grades in decent time at decent (regular cruising) speeds. Electric
      > should not be seen as a way to go faster, but rather easier and more
      > frequently. Most laws concerning electric bikes limit top (assisted)
      > speeds to 20mph or 32km/h here in Canada. (reasonable - this is a quick
      > cruising speed for most cyclists).
      > There are many systems out there and it is vitally important to work
      > with someone who understands them and can guide you to the best system
      > for your needs. I would be happy to comment further about the ones I
      > have used if folks are interested.
      > Juergen
      > Juergen Weichert
      > 613-746-7685
      > Acclivity Solutions
      > www.acclivity.ca
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