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  • Juergen Weichert
    Jan 1, 2008
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      Velomobiles are faster than just about anything else out there.

      tda0818 wrote:
      > The Go-One is one sleek machine, alright, but $10,000? Ay, carumba!
      > There's no way it provides 9 thousand dollars worth of value over an X
      > -- or even, say, $6k worth of value over a seriously tricked out road
      > bike or very nice recumbent. Does it do anything a normal bike can't
      > do? I don't see anything. I mean, I guess it'll keep the weather
      > off, but that's something, say, $500 worth of well-designed layering
      > will do, head to toe. What does the other $5.5k get you? (Not turn
      > signals, which should be mandatory on a rig like this. They're an
      > extra thousand bucks.)
      > These questions aren't aimed at anybody here, btw. They're just me
      > thinking out loud, trying to figure out what the market is for a $10k
      > recumbent. ISTM they're banking entirely on the "cool" factor. I
      > don't get it. I guess not many people do; they say they've sold less
      > than 50 of them.
      > --urbino
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