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  • Juergen Weichert
    Jan 1, 2008
      I think bikes are like shoes - many great ones for all kinds of
      applications and not many that suit all. Imagine having only one pair of
      shoes? Tennis shoes, running, dress, hiking, golf shoes, soccer cleats,
      walking shoes, regular winter boots, deep-show boots, ice crampons,
      snowshoes, sandals, flip-flops...endless.
      One bike is not enough and a dozen might be pushing the other end of the
      envelope. I think around 7 is close to the right number - one for each
      day of the week and choose for the day as you might choose your shoes.
      In my suggested list:
      - single speed for simplicity
      - MTB or hybrid or cruiser for general all-around use.
      - Xtracycle for cargo
      - recumbent for comfort
      - velomobile for speed
      - folding bike for convenience
      - tandem for company
      (- loaner bike for visitors?)

      Your choices will vary. Any further suggestions?


      Mark Garvey wrote:
      > On Dec 31, 2007 2:26 PM, Devian Gilbert <asanacycles@...
      > <mailto:asanacycles@...>> wrote:
      > once upon a time, i was seriously thinking about buying a Go-one
      > velomobile. <http://www.go-one.us/Pictures_of_go-one3.html> wow!
      > what an awesome machine,
      > Yeah! they are! So is the Mango, the Quest, the WAW and the Aurora
      > and several others. a couple that I know owns THREE Cab-Bikes and
      > tehre is a Leitra near me somewhere, as well as a Flevo Alleweder. I
      > am very interested in Velomobiles. But like you, I sort of became a
      > little frustrated with a couple of the problems. Size, weight,
      > expense, versitility...or lack thereof. GREAT in crappy weather
      > however! I had a VeloKit on a trike for a while and sold the trike.
      > THAT was cool on cold mornings I would have to stop and open the
      > windows to let myself cool down a bit! With the e-assist it was
      > really great, and riding to work getting caught in a T-storm was a non
      > event! No rain on ME!
      > But you might notice that I am now riding a "wedgie" bike, with an
      > Xtracycle on it because I think it WORKS better for my use. It is
      > simply less cumbersome to work with and has more versatile uses. The
      > e-assist is STILL a good thing, but I am STILL waffling about it! It
      > has been on and off the bike at least a half dozen times. I take it
      > off because it bothers me to have that weight and complexity. I put
      > it back on because it really makes a difference in how the bike WORKS.
      > :::sigh::: so what is the answer?? who knows!
      > mark
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