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  • Juergen Weichert
    Jan 1, 2008
      A friend of mine has a Go-One and has added electric assist. Wow - talk
      about a cruising machine!
      I am also working on a velomobile design of my own which will eventually
      have e-assist. http://www.acclivity.ca/velomobile/

      Electric is particularly well suited for velomobiles as they are heavier
      and need a bit of help getting up hills. On the flats they can go way
      fast under human power alone due to the awesome aerodynamics.

      There is a group list dedicated to velomobiles at


      p.s. climbing hills at 15mph IS amazing with e-assist.

      Devian Gilbert wrote:
      > ahhh....
      > motor vehicle travel is a privilege
      > funny how that is
      > but ironic how its such a pain, the cost alone is insane.
      > the complexity is crazy
      > and the zoom zoom, busy life that come about drive us to the cleaners.
      > well, for most people it does.
      > lol
      > once upon a time, i was seriously thinking about buying a Go-one
      > velomobile. <http://www.go-one.us/Pictures_of_go-one3.html> wow!
      > what an awesome machine, then i started thinking, and really looking
      > at it, contemplating its "entry" angle, how it would /actually /work
      > in real life. when i ultimately decided to let the fantasy go. go
      > with the notion that suddenly a bicycle is being morphed into
      > something like a car. what? ya...suddenly i found that so many
      > people where interested in it because it resembled a car.
      > and my heart would sink, and i'd toss the notion of bunny hoping a
      > curb, quick cable the bike to something close to the doorway, go
      > inside, grab a soda, newspaper, whatever, and split. about as fast as
      > a person could park their car, and walk in to the store.
      > the freedom of the bicycle; is so often times threatened, and i'd
      > think to myself, "why would i want to start looking for a parking
      > space for my /bike./"
      > but i will confess to the initial dangers of being fluid on a bike.
      > but once its a rhythm in your soul, it is difficult to let go of.
      > e-assist...
      > i love the topic
      > and yet lastnight, i was suddenly thinking of 15mph ascents! wow!
      > super human
      > ahh...
      > peace...d
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