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  • Philip Chase
    Dec 30, 2007
      I added a stoker bar recently as well. I did it for the kids--they'd
      been asking for it--but I use it for X-wrasslin' more than they use it
      for hanging on. The parking in my garage is pretty tight and I have
      to put that thing in *exactly* the right spot or no one can squeeze
      between the X and the van. It's also very handy when locking to a rack.

      As for the stoker bar rig, it was way cheap and light. The LBS guys
      poked through their parts box until they found some stuff that was
      real junk to them. There was an oddball-stem that doesn't meet the
      modern conventions and a glue-tape-coated bent drop bar. The gear was
      all aluminum and way light. I had to make a shim for the stem to seat
      post joint. A few minutes with the mineral spirits and the bars were
      clean. I cut the drop bars down to a single bend, wrapped them and
      capped the ends.

      Cheap, light, strong, and useful.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Devian Gilbert <asanacycles@...>
      > another note
      > ramble really
      > i've come to really appreciate the ghetto rigged handlebar, stem set
      > up i put on the seat post!
      > not only its it a cool bump stop
      > but really...
      > really what its best for...
      > is wrestling around the Xtra.
      > its so nice to have 2 handlebars to grab hold of.
      > when the rig is loaded with a bit of weight, its on its kick stand,
      > say...100lbs or anything i guess.
      > its so much easier to grab the front handlebar with your left hand,
      > as you face the non-drive side, and grab that rear handlebar with
      > your right.
      > suddenly you've got mega control of the beast right dead smack
      > center, just where you need it most.
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