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2636another note...

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  • Devian Gilbert
    Dec 28, 2007
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      another note

      ramble really

      i've come to really appreciate the ghetto rigged handlebar, stem set
      up i put on the seat post!
      not only its it a cool bump stop
      but really...
      really what its best for...

      is wrestling around the Xtra.
      its so nice to have 2 handlebars to grab hold of.
      when the rig is loaded with a bit of weight, its on its kick stand,
      say...100lbs or anything i guess.
      its so much easier to grab the front handlebar with your left hand,
      as you face the non-drive side, and grab that rear handlebar with
      your right.
      suddenly you've got mega control of the beast right dead smack
      center, just where you need it most.

      in thinking and experience of Xtra wraslin
      me thinks about puttin a grip on the "tongue" of the FreeRad

      if ya's ever tried it, or discovered it...seems the tongue of the
      Xtra is about center mass of the rig, and its the easiest way to pick
      it all up.

      as i've been grabbin that tongue a bit, me thinks...uhhh...dude...you
      should put a grip on it!
      ya...get a grip!


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