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2329Re: The Eagle Has Landed!

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  • tda0818
    Dec 2, 2007
      Excellent info as usual, Tone. Thanks!

      My mechanic did mention that a better rear derailleur (than the stock
      low-end Shimano on the Townie) would provide better tension. I have
      some short bungies, so I think I'll give that approach a try.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Tone" <Tone@...> wrote:
      > Urbino,
      > Chain tension can sometimes be a problem, especially when
      > your gears and/or chain get slightly worn down and you are cranking hard
      > up an incline. These days I no longer have a multiple gearing on my rear
      > wheel, but instead have opted to go single-speed with a Surly
      > Singleator. The chain tension was still a bit of a problem, but my old
      > bike shop popped open the Singleator removed the spring and manually
      > tightened it up before replacing it.
      > The single speed set up of my bike is most likely NOT
      > something most cargo-hauling Xtracyclists will want to do, but maybe
      > there might be a way of tensing up the spring in a rear derailleur.
      > Also, I have seen a photo of an Xtracycle with a much simpler solution
      > to chain tension. Connect a short bungee cord between the rear
      > derailleur and the rear-step of the FreeRadical frame. I have not tried
      > this myself, but it seems to be pretty sensible.
      > _TONE_
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