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2318Re: [rootsradicals] The Eagle Has Landed!

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  • Anne Littlebird
    Dec 2, 2007
      I've had several near misses the last few days - people are more
      distracted with the holidays I think. It's time to be more than extra


      David Morrison wrote:
      > Yah, the LBS which put mine together is not really local to me either
      > and not a self-evident ride, though I think I can map a route and call
      > it an adventure :). Fortunately the bike shop had a pickup, otherwise
      > I was going to have call on a buddy with a pickup for a favor. I was
      > thinking of even taking on the Metro, which allows bikes, until I was
      > told ( in very no-nonsense and bureaucratic terms) that bike on the
      > metro could be no longer than 80 inches long.
      > Used it for the first time to get groceries today. My first trip on
      > the bike when I would have used the car previously :). Without the
      > hassle of looking for a parking space and traffic etc, it took about
      > the same amount of time :). One negative thing though, when I passed
      > through one of the major intersections I had crossed just twenty or
      > twenty-five minutes before on the way to the grocery store there was a
      > ambulance and a several EMTs....working on a downed cyclist who
      > appeared to have been struck by an SUV. He or she was not sitting up
      > and the only way I knew it was a cyclist is from the mangled bike I
      > saw. I didn't stop to look or stare, but prayed a little for the
      > rider. I love my bike. I love the freedom, the speed, the utility if
      > the X, the boost it gives my heart, lungs and spirit.....everything
      > really. But its scenes like that which make me remember how much we
      > need to keep our wits when we ride.
      > DCM
      > On Nov 30, 2007, at 9:09 PM, tda0818 wrote:
      >> You're looking at the semi-anonymous Yahoo profile of a proud new X
      >> owner!
      >> The good folks at X had the Townie 21 shipped directly to my mechanic,
      >> and when the Free Radical arrived at my apartment this afternoon, I
      >> loaded it up, drove out to the shop, and watched the guy assemble it.
      >> (Sorry, no birth video.)
      >> It was kind of an interesting experience. When he started building
      >> it, he was in kind of a bad mood about it, for reasons having to do
      >> with miscommunication between him and the shop manager. Anyway, once
      >> he got the real wheel off the Townie (which he'd already fully built),
      >> glanced at the instructions and held the FR frame up where it would
      >> fit, he got this big grin on his face and said, "This thing is a trip!"
      >> The longer he worked on it, the better his mood got. By the time he
      >> was done, he was more excited about it than I was. There are 3 bike
      >> shops closer than his, but he told me he'd love to work on it whenever
      >> I have anything done. Talking about the other shops, he said, "Yeah,
      >> when you roll this thing into any bike shop in town, they're gonna
      >> love it."
      >> My only problem now is: I can't figure out how to get it home! There
      >> isn't a safe route to ride it home from there, and it sure as hell
      >> won't fit in my car. I'm gonna have to rent a truck or something.
      >> The guy at the LBS was happy to keep it on their floor for a few days
      >> -- he said it'd be the talk of the shop. (And I left the little info
      >> cards with it and told him to hand them out to anybody who was
      >> interested.)
      >> One other thing. I'm going to search the archives on this, but the
      >> mechanic did think I should ask around about how people are keeping
      >> the chain from slapping around so much. He figured somebody had come
      >> up with something that would bolt on at the rear dropou ts of the
      >> Townie frame and provide some tension on the chain. If anybody has,
      >> I'd love to hear about it.
      >> Woohoo!
      >> --urbino

      Anne Littlebird
      Issumatuq Herbals
      P.O. Box 5161
      Louisville, KY 40255
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