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2317Re: [rootsradicals] Re: The Eagle Has Landed!

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  • Juergen Weichert
    Dec 2, 2007
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      A nice solution to the attention is to always carry a pair of footsies
      along. When they cry out "nice bike!" you stop and smile and offer them
      a ride. Always a winner - once around the block and they will be hooked. :-)

      tda0818 wrote:
      > Thanks, d!
      > It was pretty cool, all the way around. The guys at the bike shop had
      > been cruising the X website since last night, and they were STOKED.
      > They all wanted to have a turn riding it around the parking lot before
      > we left. They said customers had been admiring and asking about it
      > all morning.
      > Then, just before we got back to my place, we rode past the ballet
      > school, where some students were standing around outside after
      > practice, and one of them hollered, "Nice bike!" as I cruised past (at
      > the back of the pack and pretty well gassed, but still rolling).
      > If there are any X reps reading, your creation is an enthusiastic HIT
      > so far in Memphis.
      > --urbino
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