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2298Re: [rootsradicals] The Eagle Has Landed!

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  • Mark Garvey
    Dec 1, 2007
      The chain has not been a problem for me, but if it worries you you can make something out of a skateboard wheel  (E-mail me for directions if you want) to keep the return side from bouncing around or check a recumbent bike supplier for them.  heck, I may even have a couple of old WizWheelz idlers around.

      Transporting.  I lashed my e-assist X to a standard bike rack on the back of my Mitsubishi Mirage coupe and hauled it home from work one time due to complications in schedule.  Even with the 8 lbs of motor on the rear end (I put the battery inside the car) it traveled OK for the 7 mile trip. Be careful, but you can do it that way if you like.  And my rack is nothing fancy, picked it up ar a garage sale for $5.


      On Nov 30, 2007 8:09 PM, tda0818 <tda0818@...> wrote:
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      Putting the fun in dysfunctional for over 50 years!

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