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2009Re: [rootsradicals] Riding no handed

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  • Devian Gilbert
    Nov 2, 2007
      thats laffs
      and a good headset
      if the headset is pitted, it will be more difficult to make all those subtle inputs
      or a headset that is too tight
      on my silly Cdale when i had the freerad bolted over the top of the chainstay bridge, as recommended, the headtube angle was a bit steep
      as soon as i put the tongue of the free rad under the chainstay bridge, the angles are now more relaxed
      and yes...its much easier to ride with no hands, with a load and all

      On Nov 2, 2007, at 8:21 PM, Tone wrote:

                  I have been reading a lot of posts these past few days about how people find it either incredibly difficult or impossible to ride their Xtracycled bikes with no hands. I actually find this surprising because I have no problems riding my Xtracycle without hands. Sometimes I will even maneuver around minor obstacles in the road and I can even pull off wide turns without touching the handlebars if there are no motor vehicles around to put me on edge. The whole phenomenon of Xtracycle riders not being able to ride no-handed is even more so surprising to me because I almost always ride with only one side of my FreeRadical loaded up, so technically I should be unbalanced. That SHOULD give me even more difficultly in riding without touching my handlebars, but I do not notice it much anymore than I do with my hands on the bars.

                  The only factor I can think of, which would be a reason for me being capable of riding no-handed, is my bicycle frame is aluminum. By the sound of it many Xtracycle riders use a steel frame bike. Perhaps steel frame bikes allow for too much flex, which thus causes instability when not holding on to the bars.




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