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  • Jennifer Finlay Cromwell
    Mar 5, 2001
      The following is the welcome email that is sent to brand-new roots radicals
      when they join up with our Yahoo group. Didn't want you all to feel left
      out, and really want us all to be on the same page, so please give this one
      a read-through. And welcome again to the roots radicals!

      Dear roots radical,

      Welcome to Xtracycle¹s virtual meeting place for the ideas, wisdom and
      antics of like-minded, roots radical-type folk. Hang around and get privy to
      the activities, events and positive vibrations of your partners-in-crime:
      the roots radicals, early-adopting FreeRadical owners like you whose mission
      (and you¹ve chosen to accept it) is to get the Xtracycle love out on the
      streets grassroots-style. So, fuel your FreeRadical fires with plenty of
      FreeRad funk! And tighten your toe clips, because the two-wheeled revolution
      is taking off. To the moon, yo!

      This is the place to disperse your ideas, tell us about Xtracycle events,
      plan adventures, and share your FreeRadical stories. One small request:
      please don¹t add this roots radicals group to another mailing list‹we¹ve
      already got a full plate of roots radical-ness to absorb‹and keep the posts
      focused on the biz at hand. Keep the space sacred; respect your fellow

      And did you know that if you cause‹via sheer willpower or
      silvertonguedness‹someone to buy a FreeRadical, we'll send you a sweet roots
      radicals ringer-T designed by Elias? And more coolness is in the works. Let
      HQ know if you need stickers, brochures, biz cards, pitch advice, love, etc.

      Oh, yeah, don't forget that virtual ain't no substitute for real. Get out
      there and hang in real time and whip up some real-life ruckus.

      You are the soul of this enterprise, and you are immensely appreciated,
      The X-Crew
      ride. believe. inspire. aspire.
      perspire. rock the mundo

      Jennifer Cromwell

      ride to believe.

      The Xtracycle SUB was Outside Magazine's #1 gift in its guide to gear and
      style: http://www.outsidemag.com/magazine/200012/200012review1.html