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1982Re: How You Can Help Xtracycle Succeed

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  • Nate Byerley
    Nov 1, 2007
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      Hey all, 

      Thanks for the rapid turnaround on the surveys.  I've collected 21 responses in 4 days -- a great start.  Keep them coming.  There's some truly amazing stuff hidden away in these stories--the kind of stuff that affirms what we're attempting to do, and helps us understand how to grow the movement.  Now is a critical time for Xtracycle's growth (through the traditionally slow winter) and we need your help to keep stoking people on the power of everyday adventure.  We thank you, we salute you, we admire you and we challenge you to spread the word.  Keep those responses coming.  Questions are reposted below:

      1. When/where did you first learn about the Xtracycle?
      2. How many months did it take for you to actively start learning about the Xtracycle
      (i.e. calling us, checking the website, asking friends, visiting a bike shop? What prompted you to look into the product?
      3. What obstacles stood in the way of you becoming an Xtracycle owner?  Please be as specific as you can here.  What were your reservations, fears, resistances.  Details baby!
      4. Did you purchase your Xtracycle from a bike shop? What was that experience
      like? What shop did you use?
      5. How long did it take until you purchased an Xtracycle for yourself?
      6. How did you get over your reservations/fears (if you had any) about owning and using
      an Xtracycle?  Said another way: what fears that you had were resolved or worked around, and how?
      7. Describe your experience of Xtracycle ownership?
      8. Do any of your family/friends own an Xtracycle?

      Peace, Nate

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