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1978Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Rear fender?-Thanks! ..now about your custom snap decks..

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  • Kurt Nielsen
    Oct 31, 2007
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      I live in Tucson so snapdecks here tend to fry in the
      summer sun. This causes small cracks in even thick
      polyurethane finishes. Our summer rains then permeate
      the cracks and the snapdeck starts to curl and fall

      I tried refinishing my Xtracycle snapdeck a couple of
      times but the cracking/curling process repeated

      A few months ago, I pulled a 50+ year old pine board
      (that belonged to the original owner of my 1948 house)
      out of my storage shed. This board is very light
      weight as it has been drying in my storage shed since
      the 1950s. Using my old snapdeck, I traced the outline
      and marked the bolt holes with pencil.

      My next door neighbor has a deluxe jig saw so he cut
      the board outline. I drilled the bolt holes. I then
      applied the stain center stripe and numerous coats of
      lemon oil.

      Home Depot supplied the slightly longer bolts that
      were needed to compensate for the thicker board. These
      were bolted to the "Snap Pieces" which are what makes
      the deck snap on. There is a picture of a Snap Piece
      on this page:


      I am very happy with my home grown snapdeck. I think
      it will hold up quite well in my desert environment.


      --- conion1 <conion1@...> wrote:

      > >
      > > That said- I'd be curious to know what sort of new
      > snap decks people
      > > have created! (and what exactly makes it 'snap'
      > on?)
      > >
      > > >
      > >
      > I am thinking of making one from some corian
      > countertop or a plastic
      > cutting board.
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