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  • adam@xtracycle.com
    Feb 24, 2001
      Thank god almighty, I'm free at last - to express my opinions in
      the plush garden surrounded by raddness.

      Still scraping the mud out of my teeth after the all-terain big huck
      ride cross marin. Has everyone heard about that one? How a
      fleet arrived at the Cal Trans station as weather fearing mortals,
      and emerged a spin-happy cross country machine? How could
      we not be nervous amidst reports of low flying snow, blazing
      winds? Would we be blown off the beaches? would we even
      make it to the beaches? yet faith and free spirits set off, for...

      mid golden gate tube patch, countless rain showers, blazing
      sun, steep climbs, mud-splattering descents, a large scale
      investigation of video clip addorned paper plates by local
      authorities, walks on the beach, a boat ride, and ohhh the
      noodles, with a side of roasted bok choi! How real can it get?

      Ok, so did I miss the brainstorming? did I miss that part? Then
      again, you can call it marketing - 'cause when people look at my
      mud-caked SUB and ask me about the x, they can hear about the
      time I saw a fully loaded x, airborne, headed down trail, surf
      crashing in the background, sun streaming down. Yikes what a

      Thanks Dave and all ,


      Let's rally again soon.
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