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1797Re: Two questions...

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  • mcg
    Oct 6, 2007
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      Hi Tone (& Everyone),

      Thanks for all the useful insights on the steel vs aluminum. I can
      say that with opinions all over the map, I am no closer to an answer!

      I think I will just have to try it out, though given that things are
      crazy here with the addition of new family members, I may not have
      time to try that soon. Plus, the idea of the stumpy as a singlespeed
      has its own appeal. However, I don't have time for that project,
      either... I've got three wheel builds to do before then, one for a
      new super-heavy duty wheel for my Xtracycle, since the original rim

      Tone, have you had a bike frame welder look at the Xtracycle? They
      would be much more used to welding with thin materials than a typical
      welding shop. A lot of steel downtubes are super thin and frame
      welders know how to use the TIG welder to build up material.

      Morgan G
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