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  • Mark Garvey
    Oct 5, 2007
      On 10/5/07, Tone <Tone@...> wrote:

                  By the way, if you are curious about my current aluminum bike frame, which has held up with the Xtracycle so well, it is a Univega FS I bought when it was new in 1999 or so. What may definitely contribute the frame's durability is its "phat" top and down tubes. There are definitely photos in the Real-Loads gallery on the Xtracycle site in case anyone is wondering what I mean by that. Just look for the only Xtracycle rig with Aerospoke 5-spoke carbon-fiber wheels. J If that does not make it clear enough, most of my photos also have a red-brick wall as a background.

      I have LONG admired that particular bike!  VERY VERY classy!  and I totally agree with you that the Xtracycle is like the MOST IMPRESSIVE component and most bloody minded useful thing out there!  I have never been a courier, not do I, at 54 wish to be.  You guys are phenomenal examples of human development!  I can't IMAGINE what it takes to ride a courier bike in NYC!  I am intimidated enough when I ride on the more busy streets of Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

      I am keeping a close watch on my frame, and my X just to be sure it doesn't crack!  Maybe a TIG welder could repair the crack!  that would at least help get you through!  I don't think that I could live without my X now that I have it!   Well, obviously I COULD, but it would not be easy!

      Anyway, I have written enough. Have a good weekend everyone… I just finished a great first week at my new job! Woohoo!

      Ride safe,


      Love to hear your stories!


      Putting the fun in dysfunctional for over 50 years!

      Mark  Garvey
      Cedar Rapids, Iowa free state!

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      I am a bicycling lifestylist!
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